Let's create! Pottery HD App Reviews




Super App., macht süchtig


Geile Tomate alter


Macht total viel Spaß!

Gute app ABER...


Wonderfully relaxing.


Genialna, kreatywna, rewelacja!!!!

Best app

Wonderful game...thanks!

Just love it

Vary relaxing

Good app

Good app!!!

Quests shouldn’t end

If you’re charging money for an app that has quests, they shouldn’t end. Updates should be frequent with new quests. Good game but how can you validate a standstill in game play?

I am not generous with my stars.

I love, love, LOVE ceramics. This game may not be a perfect portrayal of what it’s like to make pottery on a wheel, but... it IS one of the closest things I have to the real thing right now. This game is not only interesting with the challenges that it presents, but it is also very stimulating to try to impress the auction crowd with my own creativity. In short... this game is worth five stars.

Can’t paint the 4.00 version!

Very frustrating! Help requires too many boxes to type in. I want my money back!


I loved this app till I was 7 then i forgot about it. Then one day my brother went up to me and said remember this app? now I CANNOT STOP PLAYING IT!!! Play this game!!!

Not a premium app

I paid $4.99 for what? Not thrilled with the app or the process you have to go through to make, sell, then buy colors etc. for $5 I should be able to decorate pottery out of the gate. My daughter tried it and got frustrated so I tried it. I can see why she got frustrated. Pass...

Bring the daily challenge back!

I love this app but please bring the daily challenge back.

No way awesome game

Hi I've been playing the game for four days and I love it but can you guys make a prmue purchase for I game money and It costs 100000 in game coins thanks

Cool clay

This app is interesting and challenging it’s different. It’s a good app it has a lot of challenges. It pushes you to do better it’s fun to make virtual cups , pots , & etc. . .

Love this game!

Love this game! Wish the basic category could have color adjusted though - and would be nice to be able to make square shapes

Fun without the mess!

This app is awesome, and a great way to lot your creativity fly.

Where’s my stuff?

I signed into a new phone and everything I paid for is gone. I tried logging out of Game Center and signing back In but I got nothing. My game is here but nothing Else I spent money on. I bought almost everything. Definitely disappointed.

An Attempt

This game was never that good. It had good graphics and a creative idea that is fun for the first few days of owning the game, but then it turns repetitive. The first few days of having this app I was addicted to it. It was relaxing to an extent, and it never made me bored. But after a while I realized that I was stuck and bored. Every time I opened the app I treaded playing it. Why? Well first of all, all of my pottery that I made was now selling at the same price (close to 130-210.) The other reason why I got bored was because how thin the game was. There were only a few things you can make, with only a few amount of patterns, and colors, with only a few amount of total designs. This is disappointing because where I’m at in the game currently it feels like there are no more achievements, just getting a few things every once in a while. I don’t want to have this app until I am amazing at it and I can’t do anything at all as well. Even though I’m giving this 2 stars I do suggest this app to some people who won’t get bored easily, but remember there is a time where achieving things are impossible. Suggestions: Add a level system. Each level unlock different patterns and colors that you can purchase. The higher the level and the amount of money the more expensive the pottery should sell for.

What happened to my brushes?

For a few month I played this game regularly. I loved it enough to purchase all of the content. But got bored after a bit. Recently I went back to it looking for the same enjoyment. But instead my brushes are all gone. Like others I Amon the same account and have restored multiple times. It will not even let me see the different assignments that used to be available. What has happened?


I used to have everything.. and paid for designs. When I hit restore, it says it’s been restored but it’s no where to be seen.

aMaZiNg !!

I love this app, it’s so fun to create and it is SUCH a stress reliever. I love buying all of the new patterns and materials. My favorite part is painting and decorating my creations. When I sell them, it can go from $5 to $2000 in a snap! TOTALLY RECOMMEND.

Almost a five star!!!!!

This app is everything. I rarely spend my own money on apps but this is the exception. I wish that I could go back and few all my designs and see what they sold for though. I also wish there was more free hand options

rip off

it is exactly the same as the lite version. which means you get nothing, no brushes or colors. if you want to contact them you have to join facebook. no thanks. just get the lite version.


It does nothing more than the free version. I like to get a refund.

Great game!

Amazing game! I've been playing for years. So fun! I've bought EVERYTHING! I would like if we could have more colors for free. White, brown, gray, and a few darker colors would make my pots look better than they do.


I bought the premium package and cannot access it. How do I get it?

Very Relaxing and Fun

Very fun to play and to relax. Keep selling to buy more decorations.

Fun and Relaxing, needs a few things

This is a really fun app, very easy to waste hours. It does need some type of gallery so we can see our finished products in the app itself. Sure, I can take photos and send to friends, but a gallery in the app would be great. Just a photo collection or maybe even a virtual art gallery displaying our creativity.

More designs

Would like to see more designs to get. Like hearts and animals.....but I do love the game...I play on it a lot...

How can I buy more!

So basically I bought all of the designs with my coins. And know when I see on daily task they have completely different designs. And when I see where the designs were the are all gone . How do I buy more designs, Answer me quickly


I love creative meditation 😌

Is so cool

Is so fun and cool I love it.is the best app ever.👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Please let me know if there’s any new information about the app.

Great stress relief

I was skeptical at first, I got the lite app to try it out, I found myself buying the upgrade quickly. I love the realistic look, especially right after firing the clay, no marks or cracks in the sculpture ever look the same, there is so many cool patterns you can make even using the same brushes and slightly overlapping them to change the look! The only thing I wish you would do is make the shaping a little more intricate so I can make smaller and more indentures in the sides to make more interesting pieces! But anyway, great job on making a cool time passer!


Only app I ever paid for

Really Relaxing

Mainly, there are no problems, only one is that doing quests don’t give you enough money when you buy the Brushes and Color, say I got a 500 coin item and I have to buy it for a quest, but I only get 300 or 350. But still I love it, making vases is my dream! Just my review so yeah, Thanks for this awesome game!

More emails

Next time that they update this game they need to make up some more pottery emails so you get more challenges, other than that the games pretty fun.

Good game

Nice and unique mind relaxing game

No more?

This would go from good to great if you could keep buying new brushes and new colors! Getting bored with the old ones and waiting for something new....

I don’t like the game

We pay for too much

Relaxing app

Great way to relax and unwind. Just you get a lot of brushes unlocked when you purchase the app. I only wish that more colors came unlocked and you didn’t have to pay more money for them.

It's the best game ever


Love this game

This game is addictive. The support is awesome. I had some issues and sent an email and they helped me fix it right away. One of the best apps I have ever used.

Love love love

This app is awesome! It’s amazing how relaxing and calming it is. I have had many versions of this app and it’s always been so good!


I don’t typically do reviews but ... hey why not. I saw my friend playing this game and honestly even still this app runs so smoothly like a well oiled machine and I’ve never had trouble so I I’m sorry if this app does not do the same for anyone😀.

Better designs

I love this game but I think you should add glass material and some more fun designs. I also thought you could let the people that play this game make like silverware and plates and bowls and cups all that kind of stuff. Well hope you do it thanks.


Awesome but I wish there was more choices but so so awesome otherwise, I recommend it for time passing games too

Waste of money

I thought this was going to be super fun and I was a little hesitant to spend money on an app, but I thought it must be worth it. It wasn’t! There was so little to do and it wasn’t even fun. I ended up deleting it after 20 minutes of trying to see if I was forgetting something or doing it wrong. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It wasn’t advertised good either and I thought it would be different then it actually was and I’m still confused why it costed money when I could get a free art/pottery app that is better. Long story short don’t spend money on it, I’m just trying to save you 5 dollars. It isn’t exactly just a for fun art app either, I think there was some why to purchase or sell your (awful/simple) creations but idk if it was real or not and like I said it was just confusing and not what I thought it would be.

Great game... bad glitches

I bought every premium brush/ color available. All of the sudden my quests went away. The pic shows up when I open app but when I fire or decorate it goes away. I contacted support about this 3 times. No response. Very disappointing

Calming experience

Sit back and let your creative juices flow. AR is a nice touch as well. Just PLEASE make a better bird sound loop. The current one lasts about 7 seconds, over and over and over and over and ...


Meditative. Relaxing. Calming. Buy the upgrade, trust me you will love it. Zen friendly.

Amazing game

I am totally addicted. I use this game all the time to calm myself down, and it works without flaw every time. I love this game. I definitely recommend. Although there is one glitch: I’ve finished all the quests, and this Polish pottery keeps on appearing on the side of my screen as a quest, but when I go into the quests log, it shows I have no more quests. But other than that, this game is awesome!

Good good

All right, I will start with good stuff. I love this game!! It is very addictive, and fun! Express creativity, and you can play it whenever, because it saves the design from when you last played! Great price for great game! But, when you buy the ‘not lite’ game, then you expect to have a better game experience, right? You don’t have to buy thing with real money, because you payed for the game with money, right? WRONG! They recently added a bunch of packages with different designs. WHY? Why can’t the people who didn’t use their money to by the lite version have to deal with that? We payed or hard earned money to get the full version, just to pay some amount of money to get these certain designs? Unfair. But, alas, don’t let that ruin your purchase, because you still have a nice amount of designs anyway. Fix that, for me?

Love this app!

First let me say, I do not know much about pottery; but, I find this app very enjoyable. I am slowly getting better and will continue to work at it. I find the app helps me relax after a stressful day at work.


Can you make save slots to edit pottery you’ve already made? Please add this it would make my day :3

Pretty cool!

I enjoy the app, it’s relaxing to use and fun to create. Suggestions for improvement: more colors, brushes, materials. A gallery where we can save our creations. More challenges! I’ve done them all already.

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