Let's create! Pottery HD App Reviews

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A nice way to get away from the day-to-day. Very relaxing. I enjoy the challenges, called "quests". They get you used to the processes, and allow you to acquire the tools - colors and brushes - that youll use to create your own design. The only reason Im not giving this five stars is because its not always as responsive as I would like. And where you touch isnt always where the change takes place. But once you figure that out, you can count on its consistency and get the results you want.

I wish this could be 5 star but...

The creating and firing is fun. However, Cant find the options to add designs or Paint so I feel like I am using a free version. Feeling disappointed. Tried to fill out a form for support from Developer but I do not have an order number because I was not sent an email after my purchase. If the developer reads this, please contact me!

Great but too picky

I like this game a lot but when the people send you "emails" of what they want you to make, its WAY too picky. Like if you make something that looks a lot like it but not exactly, you have to do it all over again and I can never get it right. I hate that part about it. I would much rather just make whatever I want on my own.

I love this game

This is an amazing game with a lot of possibilities and is fun but not addictive and that makes it the perfect combo

Love it

I love this game. The only thing Id the ads at the bottom.


This app is frustrating! Every time I try to make a skinny neck it make the top big and u can not fix it

Rip off

You pay for the app then pay again and again to decorate.... not at all Kool

Great game!!!

I love this game. Its highly addictive and endlessly creative.

Awesome and fun app

I really truly love this app. It is a very fun and exciting app. I absolutely just love it.


This game is one of those that you would have to play to truly understand how surprisingly awesome and so much fun not to mention how addicting it is I cant stop playing it so buy this app trust me its worth it.


The title says it all!

Best game ever

I love this game! Remember be yourself. People cant tell you what to do. If their mean to you their just jealous of your beautiful, kind-hearted, loving nature!!! Please for me dont waste your life about the haters being mean like Ive done for my 10 years of life. I have changed my ways and I am doing great you should do the same for me!!!!

Love this game!

Great value for the money. Hard but not too hard. Sparks my creativity.

Best app ever

This is so surreal in realistic inspires young children to get into art is its going to help our new age

BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it best thing to ever had happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please. More levels

I love this game and seem to have completed it. I would enjoy more levels soon, please.


This is such a soothing and positive app. Very rewarding and a good way to keep my mind off negative thoughts

I bought the full version

Absolutely amazing and addictive!! It makes you think about how to perfect your passion for pottery and art

Amazing game but you should add something!

Could you please add more colors?

New items to buy

I love this app. Its very addicting and relaxing. Ive done all of the emails, sold pots, shared my creations on the portal, made pottery friends and even got to the point where I am highly ranked. I have every color, brush, materials and handles/tops that you have offered for several months now, PLEASE, please add new things to buy!!! Its getting really old not having anything new to create with. Whats the point in selling the pots and earning money, if you have nothing to buy?? Please add new items!!!

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